Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is writing that is produced by a spiritual or supernatural force, or by the subconscious ~ rather than by the consciousness of the person who is writing.   

To do automatic writing and receive messages from Spirit, get a pen and paper and write a question. Relax and put your thinking mind aside ~ light some candles or incense, listen to soft music, unwind and let go. 

When you are doing automatic writing, you are "going with the flow" of the words.  Your conscious mind is not working while you're doing this ~ it feels effortless and light.  Use your intuitive senses.  It is easy for anyone to do, especially if you are having difficulty hearing your inner voice or seeing images in your mind's eye.

You know that you are receiving messages from Spirit when the words are comforting and insightful.  This can be a lovely experience if you are going through a difficult time as it provides stillness, calm and helps you to find inner peace. 

To help put your mind aside, you can start by writing, "my spirit guides", "my higher self" or "my angels".  Whatever feels most comfortable for you.  Call them to you and be clear as this will set your intention. You have to think of your guides as being a part of you that you can access at any time.  It is best to be as relaxed as possible ~ take some deep breaths and do a quick meditation and visualize going to a room to meet your guides.  Set the mood by creating a magical atmosphere. 

Don't worry about what you are writing, just keep going and read it at the end.  Write your question down then simply hold the pen on top of the paper and wait, be patient and your hand will start moving.  You will begin to draw pictures, numbers or words.  Just start writing whatever comes into your head, as if you were writing in a journal.  Don't allow your mind to judge or try to interpret the information while you're writing.  You can try to interpret the information when you're finished.  

You will know if you've actually channeled spiritual guidance if the messages you've received are comforting, provide clarity or raise your mood.  If it feels negative or heavy, you are probably not channeling a source you want to connect with or you may be channeling your own emotional body if you are not feeling well.  When you are channeling, it usually does not sound like your own voice ~ it may sound authoritative and confident, wise or gentle and angelic.  If you do it often enough, you will get a sense of how it feels.  Crystals and gemstones can help you connect with angels, spirit guides and your higher self.  They strengthen the connection to the other side while doing spiritual work.

Experiment with this and have fun!  It is a quite exciting experience and truly a gift when you can connect to Spirit for guidance. 

~ Eclipse ~


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