Candle Magic


Candle magic uses the power of fire to attract change.  Fire is the element of transformation.  As the candle wax melts away, your spell and intention will be released into the universe.


1) Set Your Magical “Goal”

What is the purpose of this spell?  What do you want to attract or repel?  What do you want to change?  Keep it positive because as we know, everything comes back to us.  What you send out into the universe you get back.

2) Design the Spell
Do what feels right for you ~ think of the items you would like to use.  Some examples include: Incense, flowers or herbs, gemstones, crystals, coins, feathers, oil, etc.  Try to use items that you associate with your goal.

Some may want to write or draw a picture of their goal and place it under the candle or burn it in the candle.  If you use magical timing, you could check a lunar calendar to decide the best moon sign for your spell.

Tip:  It’s nice to keep a Book of Shadows to keep all of your spells organized and in one place for future reference.

3) Dressing the Candle

You may wish to dress your candle.  This requires pouring oil on your hands and rubbing it onto the candle.  If you do not wish to use oil, you can imagine white light coming down from the universe and filling your entire being.  Imagine the light radiating out of your hands.  Now send this energy through your hands into the candle.  You can also rub the candle with a gemstone or crystal or draw power symbols on the candle (if you have been given any symbols in Reiki or seen any symbols while journeying or during meditation ~ if you would like a symbol you can use, ask Spirit to provide you with one).   The goal is to make a connection with the candle.

If you decide to dress your candle, rub the candle from top to bottom to draw things to you or rub the candle from bottom to top to send things away from you.  Mentally infuse this energy into the candle. If you feel any energy coming from your hands or the candle, this is a good sign ~ it means that the energy is building.  If you feel nothing, it doesn’t mean that it is not working, some people are just more sensitive than others. Work with the candle until you sense that it is fully charged. 

4) Adding Power ~ Optional

If you chose to work with certain flowers, herbs or spices, you can roll the candle in them after you’ve dressed your candle in oil, or you can carefully sprinkle them over or around the candle. Another way to add power is to scratch names, numbers, words or symbols into the wax of the candle.  You can use a safety pin or ritual knife for this.

5) Casting the Spell

When you are ready to cast your spell, sit by your candle and follow these steps:
  • Meditate for as long as you need to help you feel calm, focused, positive and relaxed.
  • Begin to visualize your goal as if it’s already happened.
  • Feel the feelings you would feel if your goal was accomplished.
  • When you have a clear visualization, repeat a chant in your head to raise the energy and vibration then light the candle.
  • Imagine the candle’s aura (the light aura surrounding the candle and flame). Imagine that it is growing and getting bigger and bigger, filling the entire area with its energy and your goal and intentions.  Imagine that the candle’s aura is growing out and expanding into the universe to bring your goal to you. 

6) Wrapping it Up

Allow the candle to burn out on its own.  Bury the candle and know that the spell is complete and this energy has been released out into the Universe.  Let the Earth absorb the energy from the candle. Thank Mother Earth and the Universe for assisting your with your spell.

~ Candle Colours and Their Meanings ~ 

White:  Use to destroy negative energy, promote peace, truth, purity, innocence, healing and divination.
Grey:  Use to neutralize and balance negative energy, provide safety and protection, wisdom and to assist with shape shifting during journeying or meditation.
Green:  Use to attract money, fertility, good luck, abundance, health, success and growth.
Blue:  Use to deepen meditation, to assist with healing, forgiveness, inspiration, loyalty, happiness, protection, focus, truth and tranquility.
Purple:  Use to increase spiritual awareness, wisdom, tranquility, and to break bad habits and remove toxicity.
Red:  Use for passion, energy, love, lust, relationships, vitality, courage, strength, action and independence.
Pink:  Use to encourage self-love, strengthen friendships and promote harmony, joy, compassion, maturity and affection. 
Yellow:  Use to assist with realizing and manifesting your thoughts, to promote confidence, to bring plans into action, strengthen creativity, intelligence, mental clarity, clairvoyance, luxury, memory and positivity.
Orange:   Use to promote joy, energy, education, strength, attraction, stimulation, creativity, justice, joy, ambition, opportunity and celebration.
Brown:  Use for house blessings, animals, nature, stability, locating lost items, eliminating indecisiveness, and grounding.  Assists with feelings of good health and adds order to your life.

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