Crystal Ball Gazing

You can use a crystal ball to clear your mind and learn focus, for a relaxing meditation or you can set your intention to begin to be able to see images and messages. It is truly up to you how you would like to use this spiritual tool. 

If you would like to fill your crystal ball with energy, you can carefully bury it in the Earth to allow it to absorb some of the Earth's natural energy.  However, there are simpler methods, such as leaving it in the sun to soak up energy from the sun beams, or you can leave it in the moonlight for a more cosmic energy.  You can also pass your crystal ball through sage or incense.  There are lots of ways to cleanse it, you can also refer to our Gemstone Cleansing Blog Post This ensures that when your crystal ball uses energy, it won’t have interference from unwanted excess energy.

Start by taking a few deep breaths, relax and light some magical candles or incense, play some soft music and create a mystical atmosphere to get yourself in the right head space or mood. Many people hold their crystal ball before starting. This way you charge it with your energy which means that you already have a connection to it.  Once you’re ready, focus on the crystal ball. Simply begin staring at it. You want to use some techniques that are similar to meditation such as some focused, deep breathing. As your mind begins to focus on the crystal ball and your conscious mind dissipates, you should begin to see a mist form.

The trick here is not to let the sight of the mist startle you too much. Remember, your crystal ball uses energy as well as an interaction with your mind and spirit. You want to stare into this mist. Try to blink as little as possible but don’t force your eyes to stay open beyond what is comfortable. It shouldn’t take long before you start to see symbols, energy (in the form of different colors and shapes) or even images or entire scenarios.

Learning how to read a crystal ball takes patience and lots of practice. If you don’t see anything, don’t give up.  Frustration and doubt will block this ability so try to stay positive and motivated and you will be develop this skill in no time! 

If  you do not have a crystal ball, you can also use a mirror, a bowl or water or a bowl of ice. 

~ Eclipse ~ 

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