Crystal Grids



A Crystal Grid is simply an intention set onto sacred geometry. 

If you have a specific intention or goal in mind, try making a Crystal Grid to help manifest your desires.

Here is what you will need:

  • A Crystal Grid ~ You can buy one, print one online or make your own.
  • A piece of paper and a pen to write your intentions. 
  • Some gemstones and/or crystals that align with your intention.  For example, if you would like to manifest love, you could use Rose Quartz.  If you would like to manifest happiness, you could use Citrine, etc. 
    *NOTE:  Make sure that your gemstones and crystals are neutralized and have been cleansed before use.  Please refer to our Blog Post on Gemstone Cleansing for a detailed explanation.  
  • A centre point gemstone or crystal for activation.
  • A Crystal Quartz point to align your intent (or any other gemstone/crystal point that you feel drawn to use).
  • A location for your Crystal Grid.  A great place can be on your altar (if you have one) or a place that you see often.  

1.  To begin, think of some things that you would like to manifest and attract into your life, such as:  Abundance, health, energy, love, friendship, etc.  Set your intentions and write them in detail onto a piece of paper.  

2.  Next, place your Crystal Grid in your chosen location.  Fold up the piece of paper and place it in the centre of the Crystal Grid.

3.  Place your centre point gemstone or crystal on top of the piece of paper to activate it.  

4.  Begin to place your chosen gemstones and crystals onto the Crystal Grid in whatever way feels right for you.  Use  your intention and trust yourself ~ your spirit knows what to do!

5.  Use a gemstone point or crystal point and touch each gemstone and crystal that has been placed on your Crystal Grid to energetically connect them and draw a line in between them (like connect the dots!). 

6.  Visualize your intentions in the piece of paper and imagine all of the gemstones and crystals connecting, activating and vibrating with powerful universal energy to manifest your intentions.  Imagine your intentions and goals coming true ~ what would this look like and how would you feel?

7.  Leave your Crystal Grid in its chosen location for at least a month.  Look at it every day and imagine in your mind what you wish to achieve.  You can use your Crystal Point to connect all the gemstones and crystals again if you wish, to add even more energy into your Crystal Grid.  

~ Eclipse ~ 

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