Energy Vampires

Did you know that when you interact with another person they can drain some of your energy?  These people are known as Energy Vampires.  

Energy vampires can be friends, family, people you work with, neighbours, teachers and even strangers.  There are all types of energy vampires:

  • Those who blame you and never take responsibility for their actions.
  • Those who guilt trip you into getting what they want.
  • Those who are jealous of you and can never feel happy for you.
  • Those who are insecure and who pull others down into their low self-esteem. 
  • Those who bully you to elevate their ego. 
  • The downers who try to bring you down with them.
  • The short tempers who use anger to scare you and make you feel small.
  • The gossipers who spread their negativity by talking about others.

    There are many more types of Energy Vampires, these are just some of the examples.  When most of these personality types are combined, this person can be known as a narcissist.  Whatever form they take, Energy Vampires have one thing in common: They cannot live life in any positive manner so they attach and feed off of others, slowly sucking the life out of them, and that is why they feel drained. 

    When coming into contact with an Energy Vampire, it is important to protect your energy and keep it close to you so they don't take it away.  If they take some of your energy, you could be left feeling lethargic, depressed, angry, frustrated, alone, weak and even sick.  If this happens, you can do some of these quick and simple visualization exercises:
  • You can imagine a white light filling you with positive, healing, loving energy.
  • You can imagine a bubble surrounding you and protecting your energy.
  • You can imagine mirrors deflecting the negative energy back to its rightful owner.
  • You can imagine spirit animals surrounding you and guarding you.
  • You can take some deep breaths and on the exhale, imagine any dark, sludgy, negative, heavy energy completely leaving your energy field.  
  • To cut cords, imagine your hands turning into swords and cut any of the negative energy cords that have been attached to you and send it back to the person. You can also imagine Arch Angel Michael assisting you with this. 
  • You can refer to our amazing Colour Shower Meditation that can be found in our Blogs.  This magical meditation will realign all of your chakras!

    I know that it can be hard to get away from Energy Vampires, but you have to think of YOU and your well-being.  You are the guard of your own energetic space and to live a healthy, happy, positive life, it is very important that you surround yourself with people who feel the same way about being alive.  They must respect your boundaries and your wishes because you matter! 

    You cannot move up in the world to a more positive and happy place if someone is constantly bringing you down and making you feel small and unimportant.  Try removing this person from your life for a while, if you can, and see how fast your life will improve.  If it is someone at work, do some exercises above to block them from stealing your energy because it belongs to you, it's not theirs to take!  Stay strong.  

~ Eclipse ~  

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