Gemstone Cleansing


Why should we cleanse our gemstones?  When and how do we cleanse them?  What is programming a gemstone and how do we program it?  


We must cleanse our gemstones because over time, they absorb negative and unwanted energy.  This energy comes from us, other people and the environment.  When your gemstone is cleansed, the energy becomes neutralized.  If your gemstone is not cleansed, it will not work how it is supposed to and you may even begin to absorb some of the unwanted energy from it.


It is important to cleanse your gemstone as soon as you obtain it, and on a regular basis.  Gemstones that are used specifically for spiritual healing should be cleansed before and after use.  When you begin to connect with your gemstone, you will begin to develop a sense of knowing when it should be cleansed.  


10 Ways to Cleanse Your Gemstones:

    1. Smudging ~ Smudging is a ritual where dried herbs are burned and the gemstone is held in the smoke.  Some common herbs used for smudging include sage, lavender, sweet grass and cedar.  Palo Santo sticks can also be used and they have a lovely sweet, relaxing scent.  Abalone shells and feathers are sometimes combined with the herbs used in smudging.  The abalone shell catches the ashes from the herbs and feathers are used to direct the smoke.

    2. Moonlight ~ Set your gemstone under the light of the moon. The powerful energy from the moon is then transferred to your gemstone.  Leave it overnight.

    3. Sunlight ~ Set your gemstone in direct sunlight - a great place is on a window ledge.  The sun's energetic beams will neutralize the energy of the gemstone.  Leave it in the sun for at least a day.  

    4. Water ~  Run your gemstone through any body of water (except tap water!).  It is best to hold your gemstone in a moving body of water - such as a river, stream or creek because the negative energies are swept away from the stone, where as if you cleanse in a pond or lake, the energy settles in the water.  Be cautious, as some gemstones may be damaged by water, such as selanite.

    5. Salt ~ You can use Himalayan Salt or Dead Sea Salt.  Bury your gemstone  in the salt and keep it there for 24 hours.

    6. Sound ~ Play singing bowls, use a bell, rattle or drum next to your gemstone.  The vibration from the sound will neutralize the energy.  

    7. Visualization ~ Imagine a beam of white light cleansing your gemstone and restoring its natural healing abilities and neutralizing the energy.  Imagine the negative and unwanted energy being sent back into the Earth with love.  

    8. Dirt ~ Bury your gemstone in dirt from the Earth.  Leave it there for 24 hours.

    9. Incense ~ Light an incense stick or cone and hold your gemstone in the smoke for as long as you feel is necessary.  

    10. Other Gemstones ~ Selenite, Citrine, Kyanite and Azeztulite are all self-cleansing. Selenite has the ability to cleanse and re-charge itself and other stones. Clear Quartz and Carnelian can cleanse other stones as well, but will likely need to be cleansed when done.

    11. Spray ~ You can lightly spray your gemstones with infused mist, such as our Good Vibes Mist.  It's a nice alternative to burning sage because you won't have all the smoke and ashes.  Just lightly mist your gemstones and that's it, they're ready to use!  You can even spray it on yourself or in your home to clear away unwanted energy. 

~ If you would like to be sure that your gemstones are cleansed, try asking your pendulum. ~ 


Programming your gemstone is when you instill your intention into the stone.  Before you start, you may want to clear the space, yourself and the gemstone of any unwanted energies by using one of the methods discussed above.

To program a gemstone for specific use or with specific energies, sit quietly away from distractions and strong electrical devices and external energies.  Hold the gemstone in front of you, clear your mind and focus on the stone. 

Concentrate on the specific energy that you wish to program the gemstone with and 'transmit' the energy and thoughts from your mind's eye (or third eye) directly to the gemstone. Be clear and direct when doing this and don't try to confuse or overload the gemstone with different thoughts, feelings and energies.

Do this until you feel satisfied that your intention has been transmitted to the gemstone.  You can even say this out loud: "I intend this gemstone to be an effective tool for _______."  You can confirm with your pendulum if your gemstone has been programmed and fully charged with your intention. 

When you are done, store your gemstone in a safe place, such as in a cloth bag or on your altar.  Now you can successfully cleanse and program your gemstones!  If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the studio:

Peace, love, light & blessings!

~ Eclipse ~ 

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