How to Burn Sage

Burning sage (or smudging) is a nice way to get rid of negative energy that has been building up within your space.  I believe in doing this at least once per week, right after I clean my house.  It's the perfect way to bring the energy back into perfect harmony.  If you don't sage your home, you may begin to feel a dark, negative, heavy energy that could make you feel stressed, anxious or down.  Here are some tips if you would like to try working with sage:

  • Plan your ritual and decide why you want to sage and what you hope to accomplish.  The power of intention is important when burning sage.  Every time you smudge, think of it as a fresh start and a new beginning.

  • Gather your supplies ~ you will need a bundle of sage or an incense stick and a ceramic dish or abalone shell to catch the ashes.  You can also fill the dish with sand or dirt from the Earth, or add some healing gemstones - whatever feels right for  you.  Some people also use a feather to blow the smoke around.
  • You may want to open a window or door to give the smoke and negative energy a way to leave your home.  
  • Don't forget to set your intention, this is important.  You can start to think of this while you carefully sage yourself if you would like.  Light the sage and surround yourself in the smoke, knowing that you are being cleansed.  Repeat your intentions out loud or in your head.  You can say things such as, "I only allow love and light to enter this space and I wash away all negative and unwanted energy from myself and from this space".
  • Let the smoke slowly fill each room. Walk around each room spreading the smoke into every corner; let smoke trace the walls, the windows, and the ceiling; let smoke curl and coil and roll back upon itself within the space. Imagine negative energy flowing away from the edges of the smoke; out of your home; out of your life.
  • Use your intuition to guide you to which spaces need the most sage.

  • Once you are finished you should immediately feel a sense of relief, you will feel lighter and more peaceful.   

~ Eclipse ~ 

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