Magical Colour Shower Meditation


  • Relax and close your eyes.. become conscious of your breath and become aware of your physical body.  Scan and look for areas of tension ~ visualize your breath filling the problem area on the inhale and imagine the tension, stress and pain leaving on the exhale.  

  • Imagine stepping into your shower, except this time your shower is magical.  The water is the perfect temperature, it is colourful and glowing.  This water is healing and begins to balance all of your chakras into perfect alignment and harmony. 

  • The water turns into a vibrant red, it washes over you and energizes you to the core and washes away all of your fear.  You feel extremely safe and secure.  You feel grounded to the Earth.    

  • It then changes to orange and opens you to experience joy and allows you to release shame and guilt.  You feel free.  

  • It then becomes bright yellow.  This water cleanses emotional pain.  You become strong and secure.  You feel clear and focused.  

  • Now the water turns into a brilliant shade of green.  It balances and restores your physical body.  It purifies you and fills you with love and forgiveness.  Feel the water open your heart.

  • The water then changes into a cooling blue.  It enhances your self expression and allows you to speak your truth and be your true self.   

  • It then becomes indigo and purple, stimulating your own healing power and wisdom.  It stimulates your third eye, intuition and cosmic connection.  You have a deeper understanding of the universe. 

  • Finally, the water turns into a brilliant glowing white.  It is pure and heavenly.  It takes away all pain and heals any hurt.  It provides peace and comfort to your spirit.  Know that you have been cleansed inside and out ~ in mind, body & soul.

  • Thank the universe for this wonderful gift and slowly open your eyes. 

~ Eclipse ~ 

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