Reading Tea Leaves


Reading tea leaves can be a very enjoyable experience if known how to do correctly.  It is a very simple technique and can be a fun way to start the day.  All you need to do is use your intuition, or "imagination", to see pictures, symbols and shapes that are made by the tea leaves or coffee grinds. 

To begin, put a pinch of tea leaves in a cup and pour boiling water over them, allowing it to stand for a few minutes. Drink the contents of the cup, leaving the tea leaves and a very small amount of liquid in the bottom to allow the leaves to swirl around the cup.  Carefully turn the cup upside down onto the saucer to let it drain.  Leaves left in the saucer can be read after you read what is inside the teacup.  Look inside the tea cup and see what clusters of leaves have taken shape.  Turn the cup and look from different angles.  

Letters represent a person's name or a place.  Numbers forecast days, weeks or month's of the year when the event will occur.  Write down what you see and try to make sense of it all.

~ Symbols close to the handle are events close to home. 

~ Symbols facing the handle are future events.

~ Symbols facing away from the handle are past events. 

~ Pattern close to the rim are events likely to happen sooner than those at the bottom of the cup. 

~ Dark leaves represent men, boys or dark haired people.

~ Light leaves represent women, girls or light haired people. 

* Tip: The more exotic tea leaves are easiest to read because of all of the different colours and textures. 

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