What Kind of Psychic Are You?

What are the Clair senses?

The clair senses in psychic terms are:

  • Clairvoyance ~ Clear Seeing - Ability to receive visions in your mind's eye.

  • Claircognizance ~ Clear Knowing - Ability of "just knowing" by receiving knowledge, guidance and ideas in your head.

  • Clairaudience ~ Clear Hearing - Ability to hear sounds, words and messages from Spirit.

  • Clairempathy ~ Clear Feeling - Ability to feel emotions or physical symptoms of others, even if you are not going through the same situations or events. 

  • Clairgustance ~ Clear Tasting - Ability to taste a substance without putting anything in your mouth. 

  • Clairsentience ~ Clear Physical Feeling - Ability to sense the emotions of people, animals, spirits and places.

  • Clairtangency ~ Clear Touching - Ability to sense information by touch, also know as "psychometry".

  • Clairsalience ~ Clear smelling - Ability to smell a fragrance from a spiritual source. 

You can be a psychic in many other ways:


If you are an empath, you have the ability to feel someone else's emotions.  You have the ability to read a person's aura and interpret information about them.  This gift can bring you very close to others as you can sense their true emotional needs and people will be drawn to you like magnets.  However, avoid absorbing other peoples' problems and negative energy as you can easily become burnt out.  Make sure to do psychic protection exercises if this happens to you easily and often. 


If you are a channeler, you are able to access information from a higher level of consciousness and you have a connection to higher spiritual forces. These types are often known as "old souls" as they have been able to retain spiritual insights from many lifetimes.  


If you are a medium, you are often aware of and can sense the unseen presence of angelic or earthly spirits, which act as guardians.  You can look into other dimensions such as the astral world and spirit world.  


If you are a shaman, you are vividly aware of nature and the spirits within animals, plants and trees and have a natural healing ability ~ an ability to sense what will harm or help someone who is ill.  

Each unique type of psychic ability is a true gift!  Try working with crystals and gemstones to deepen your connection to Spirit. 

~ Eclipse ~

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