About Us

Nature, meditations and dreams inspire everything that is created in the studio. Our intention is to help you live a more peaceful, balanced and energized life.  Our mission is to inspire our community to stay positive, healthy and to see the magic and beauty in everyday life.  If the mind is at peace, the body will be at peace.  That is why we love to use natural ingredients in all of our products.  

~ We Are Passionate About Creating Mystical & Unique Tools for Healing ~

 Nature is healing.  Not only with its medicinal properties ~ but also with the peace and stillness it can create inside of us from how beautiful it is.  When we are surrounded by nature and use it to benefit our health, it is easier to balance our energy and clear our minds because we are not filled with chemicals that large companies are hiding in the products that you and your loved ones are using every day. 

In our state of relaxation, we are finally able to clearly focus on what we want and send our intentions out into the universe.  With a little help from nature, positive thoughts and focus, this energy will be amplified the more we think about it and begin to feel it.  Our Healing Tools are not only natural and beautiful, they become a constant reminder of the intention you instill within them, which in turn will help you focus on what you would like to manifest.

Universal healing will begin to happen and we will manifest our desires, hopes and dreams into reality if we trust the universe and focus on what we want.  The mind is very powerful!  What we think, we attract and what we attract, we become.  

Awaken with us. 

~ Eclipse ~