Body Scrub ~ Aura Cleansing
Body Scrub ~ Aura Cleansing
Body Scrub ~ Aura Cleansing

Body Scrub ~ Aura Cleansing

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Exfoliate and cleanse your aura with our Aura Cleansing Body Scrub.  Your skin will feel fresh and renewed as you scrub away clogged pores and absorb the hydrating castor oil and vitamin E which are amazing for healthy, moisturized, glowing skin.  There is also a specially blended mixture of dried flowers and herbs for a botanical, spa-like experience and a healing gemstone to help balance your energy. 

Choose which gemstone to charge your energy with:

Red Agate ~ This gemstone provides spiritual protection and stimulates life force energy.  It cleanses the mind and attracts good luck & fortune.

White Agate ~ This gemstone helps to calm you, it provides protection, attracts love into the Chakras and provides harmony & strength. 

Each different coloured layer of our Aura Cleansing Body Scrub is scented different essential oils, including: Lemon & lime, cinnamon & eucalyptus, wild orange and peppermint. 


Ingredients:  Magnesium sulfate, sucrose, coconut oil, vitia vinifera (grape) seed oil, tocopherol, ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, essential oils, mica, herbs & flowers.